LED Stix Cabinet Light Switched-6 inch (15cm)

LED Stix Cabinet Light
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SSTX1           Stix switched 15cm (6") IP67, 12V DC, 160ma, 184 lumen
SSTX3           Stix switched 30cm (12") IP67, 12V DC, 360ma, 391 lumen
SSTX5           Stix switched 50cm (20") IP67, 12V DC, 600ma, 667 lumen
SSTX6           Stix switched 60cm (24") IP67, 12V DC, 720ma, 805 lumen
SSTX9           Stix switched 90cm (36") IP67, 12V DC, 1080ma, 1219 lumen
SSTX12         Stix switched 120cm (48") IP67, 12V DC, 1440ma, 1633 lumen

LED Stix
all new for 2015
LED steady burn cabinet lighting
12 volt DC using 5050 LED chips
available with or without on/off switch
six lengths available, IP67 rated
2 year warranty

Now available in 12 inch non switched Red, Amber and Blue, as well as Switched 12 inch Red and 24 inch dual switched half Red half white.

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